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Our lab primarily focuses on

1. Biomaterials synthesis: Multifunctional and bioactive materials


- Synthesis of stimuli-responsive polymers including hydrogels

- Synthesis of polymer supports for peptide synthesis

- Conjugation of biosensing materials

2. Biosensor platform: Design of detecting biomolecules

- Detecting cell/tissue secreted molecules including proteases and nitrite ions

- Fluorescence-based single cell detection

- Developing hydrogel-based sensing methods


3. Solid phase peptide synthesis: Synthesis of therapeutic and cosmetic agents


- Solid phase synthesis (peptide and polymer precursors)

- Anti-oxidants and surfactants

- Protease and/or tyrosinase inhibitors


4. High Throughput Screening (HTS)


- One-bead-one-compound (OBOC) library synthesis

- Microbead array fabrication

- Finding new bioactive molecules



Funding sources: 


- BeadTech ((주) 비드테크)



- Korea Research Fellowship (한국연구재단)

- Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (산업통상자원부)

- Ministry of SMEs and Startups (중소기업벤처부)


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